Keeping Your Blonde Highlights From Going to Waste
Hair highlighting/lighting is basically altering the natural color of a person's hair with artificial colorant or peroxide, using haircolor or lightening shampoo to lighten or enhance hair strands. There are basically four categories of highlighting: hair painting, low-lightening, highlighting with a flat iron, and highlighting with semi-permanent colored contacts. You can click here to get the coloring done. If you want to highlight your hair but you are not sure which one to go for, it is better to ask the professionals. However, if you decide to follow the trends or try something new, it is always good to experiment. Here are a few highlighted hair styles that are in trend nowadays:

Low-lights are highlighted hair that has little to no color on it; however, this type of style is perfect for people who don't like their hair to be too dark. For those who have very dark hair, low-lights are perfect to highlight their strands so that they can wear their favorite long skirts or shorts without having to dye their hair completely. To get the look, make sure to go to a salon or stylist who specializes in highlighting hair, because it is best if the permanent color is applied on the strands first before being highlighted using a flat iron or other tools.

A gloss is pretty much similar to a low-light, except it is permanent. While you will be going back to your normal coloring after applying a gloss, you can have a semi-permanent colored look if you want to go for a night out at the club. When applying a gloss, it is best to go to a stylist who specializes in glamour or a salon where permanent colors are applied.

To create sexy highlights, simply highlight the top part of your head using a darker shade of your hair color and sprinkle some drops of hairspray and powder near your forehead and temples for a glossy appearance. You can also apply an under-crown gloss by brushing your strands backward with your fingers, making sure to brush from the bottom to the top of your head. You can then work your way up the sides of your head using your fingers to create highlights. If you want to add more of a glamorous look to your highlighted hair, try curling it into curls to add height. You can add some more highlights around the tips of your curls to make it look even more glamorous.

If you have naturally dark highlights that you want to change into a bold new color, you can try to apply a tint. The easiest way to tint your highlighted hair is by dying it either silver or gold, then applying some highlights to your roots with a highlighter. This will give your strands a contrasting look and make them stand out even more. To create an interesting effect, you can add some more highlights on top of your highlighter high (just make sure to not go too high) and use a semi-permanent color like a glitter to outline your strands. Finish your new look off with some semi-permanent hairspray, and a semi-permanent foundation if you want to go back to your original look anytime you want. For those who want new styling, they can view here for more details.

You don't have to limit your blonde highlights to just ad campaigns. You can add any number of streaks to create any type of look that suits your lifestyle and personality. Don't be afraid to experiment. As long as you are careful and do it correctly, you will be able to keep your highlighted hair for as long as you want. Good luck with your glittering strands!

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